Friday, September 4, 2015

Good morning!

So I was reading through my last blog and saw some errors... I guess I need to reread before I press post!! Sorry about that! I tell the kiddos that everyday, so looks like I need to do the same. 

Well yesterday was an awesome day! We started out the day by talking about what we can do to be proactive! Proactive people are leaders, and I have a lot of leaders :)

Throughout the week we have been learning about nouns. Yesterday they did a sort of nouns. 

We also worked on our handwriting!! They are rocking their hand writing!! I am so proud of how hard they work everyday!!

We were really busy in math so I didn't get any pictures...sorry. We played a game of putting ourselves in number order. Then we talked about least and greatest. Hopefully today I can get some pictures of our math and science activities!!

Thank you all so much for sharing your sweet kiddos with me!! I look forward to seeing their smiling faces everyday!!

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